Best Android Games for Tablets

Google play is competing hand in hand with Apple app store when it comes producing the best apps for users in the industry. Today, Google play is equipped with so many games that can be both played on tablets and on smartphones. The range of games is wide; players get to choose whether to go for a five minutes game, a five hour game or even an endless game. All these varieties are available either for free or a substantial amount of money. This piece however will limit itself to the best games that are available for tablets.


The minimalist strategy game takes up a rather flat design which is appealing to a lot of gamers. It is this design that brought a lot of curiosity about the game and made this RTS game so popular. The concept of the game requires the player to build a space station, generate resources and then do everything possible to defend the same against any waves of attacks. The concept sound plain a simple but it surely guarantees loads of fun. To enjoy the game, you’ll have to part with $3.99.

Super Hexagon

In as much as the name of the game suggests the involvement of hexagons, in reality, the game is all about controlling tiny triangles. The only thing hexagonal about the game is that the triangles tend to hover around a hexagon which is located at the middle of the screen. The game is available for download at just $2.99.

Real Racing 3

The game is designed with amazing graphical abilities that are compatible with an Android tablet. Real Racing 3 has over 80 licensed cars and also brags of having ten real world tracks. The best part about Real Racing 3 is that it is available for download free of charge.